Silicon – Silicatherm

Silicatherm products are made of silicon fibres (SiO2 content is approximately 98.9%) with high temperature resistance and high mechanical properties. They are made mainly in the form of fabrics, tapes and hoses. Due to its excellent thermal shock resistance and very good mechanical and electro-insulating properties, they are used in all industries. AR fabrics are coated with an additional coating to strengthen mechanical properties.


  • resistance to continuous load temp. 1000°C
  • melting point above 1700°C
  • high chemical resistance
  • excellent electro-insulating properties
  • easy to process
  • harmless in terms of health.

Technical parameters:

Classification temperature 1000 °C
Surface weight 1250 g/m2
Thickness 1.25 mm
Width 900 mm
Binding satin