Measurement and adjustment

Temperature regulators
Electric retaining furnaces are equipped with the following types of high-quality HT 40 or INDUSTRY PID controllers. These types of regulators are microprocessor-controlled instruments that meet all temperature control and electroplating requirements.


  • Simple operation
  • Fixed temperature adjustment
  • Adjustment according to a simple program
  • Adjustable accuracy +2°C

INDUSTRY Temperature Regulator

  • Simple operation
  • Real time hours
  • You can save 30 programs in memory, each 15 steps each
  • Ability to control the equipment of the furnace
    • automatic ventilation flap
    • temperature mileage recording
    • signalling, etc.
  • Rise or decrease in temperature within a specified period of time
  • Adjustment accuracy + 2°C
  • Rise or decrease in temperature at the required speed in °C/hour.
  • Can connect to pc using RS 232 or RS 485
  • Four independent inputs
  • Possibility of equipment with two communication lines (allows master-slave combination)
  • Programs can be combined using jump actions
  • Ability to change the settings parameters during a running program

Control and monitor processes with PC

  • Communications software INDUSTRY
  • Monitor and then print out the processes displayed
  • Data history
  • MASTER-SLAVE Control

Control panel and control panel

  • Monitor the status of your device
  • Control of the connection of individual phases with ampometer