High temperature adhesive

Calcium silicate-based high temperature adhesive is used for gluing ceramic materials, silicate-calcium panels, insulating materials on steel, and for gluing insulating materials. It is a mixture of several organic products, therefore it is non-flammable and does not secrete fumes. It has a high pH value and does not corrode steel. The adhesive is ready for use after mixing. For a denser consistency, add powdered vermiculite, while water glass or water should be added to obtain a rarer one. Before applying the glue, the surface should be degreased and cleaned from dust, dirt, etc.

Technical parameters
Classification temperature 1000°C
Gravity ok. 1500 kg/m3
Consistency pasta
Min. application temperature 5°C
Drying time 8-20h
Analiza chemiczna DIN EN 955-2 Al2O3 8,4%
SiO2 34,6%
Na2O 6,7%
H2O 49,8%
Packaging Kartusze: 32, 45, 80, 150, 310 ml
Wiadra: 5, 15 kg