Fibreglass sleeves coated with silicone rubber


Temperature class C
Continuous resistance from 60°C to 250°C
Dielectric power 4kV and 7kV
High resistance to mechanical action
Good UV resistance
Very flexible, waterproof

Colors and unit of measure

Diameter: 0.5mm to 40mm
Colors: white, black, yellow, brick, blue,red
Standard packaging:
Diameter 0.5 to 3 mm – 200 mb
Diameter 4 to 8 mm – 100 mb
Diameter 10 to 14 mm – 50 mb
Diameter 16 to 40 mm – 25 mb

Standard: EN 60684-1 (04-1996)

Application: electromechanical industry (motors, transformers, generators…), light industry, automotive