BIO refractory mat

BIO refractory mats are made from high-quality bio-soluble fibers, which make them eco-friendly. This particular fiber is made from a mixture of calcium, silicon and magnesium. They are very resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations. BIO refractory mats are resistant to water, fats, oils, liquid metals and most of the acids. They are used in various industry branches such as thermal insulaiton for industrial furnaces, industrial dryers, fireplaces. They can also be used as insulators in boilers, pipelines or cables.


  • low thermal conductivity
  • good insulating properties
  • low heat accumulation
  • low annealing losses
  • high chemical and thermal stability
  • flexibility and low relative density
  • resistance to water, oils, fats, liquid metals, most acids and wind corrosion
  • good electrical insulating properties
  • good acoustic properties
  • easy to process
  • wide range of formats, uniform density, dimensional stability
Technical parameters
Temperature classification 1100°C
Density 128 kg/m3
Melting point 1260°C
Contraction after 24h (temp.) < 2,5% (1000°C)
Chemical analysis DIN EN 955-2 SiO2 55-65%
CaO 23-35%
MgO 5-10%
Geometric mean length of fibres 3,5 μm
Thermal conductivity λ at density 128 kg/m3 200°C 0,048 W/mK
400°C 0,087 W/mK
600°C 0,135 W/mK
Roll width 610 mm
Mat thickness 13, 25, 50 mm