Aramid fibers – 350°C

Aramid tapes, cords, packages, snakes, threads and fabrics are made of pure aramid fibers. They are non-flammable, non-hot products and have excellent abrasion and tear resistance. The operating temperature should not exceed 350°C, but they shall eliminate short-term loads of 450°C. Aramide products are characterized by low weight, low contractility and high mechanical strength. Their main application is the thermal insulation of all types of machines and equipment, also as thermal insulation boilers, shield elements (snakes, cables). Also available as pneumatic tapes used for transporting, unloading and uniformity of dusty loads and granules such as cement, carbon dust, roasted lime, slag dust, gypsum, granules, soda, flour, PVC, Al oxide.


  • resistance to continuous load temp. 350°C
  • resistance to instantaneous load temp. 450°C
  • very high mechanical strength
  • non-flammability
  • thermal resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • wide range of formats, dimensional stability