Thermal insulation materials

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Insulation materials are used in many different industrial industries and in construction. Among them, thermal insulation materials perform an important function. Their wide selection allows you to minimize the phenomenon of heat conduction as much as possible. Norgpol offers many different types of thermal insulation materials.

Mats, fabrics, plates – a wide range of insulation materials
The construction of furnaces or dryers requires the right material for thermal insulation. A material that will be resistant to very high temperatures, as well as good chemical resistance. Excellent thermal insulation in this case will be a ceramic mat. However, thermal insulation pyts will be used in the most difficult conditions – in the steel, mining and metallurgical industries. In addition, NORGPOL offers high-quality thermal insulation tapes and snakes with an extremely wide selection of dimension formats and stability, ceramic papers made of aluminium silicate fibres and many other materials that will be efficiency for many industries.

Insulation for fireplaces
Insulation for fireplaces is crucial that the fireplace has a functional effect, that is, efficiently heat the rooms. In our range you will find a number of different materials for thermal insulation, among them ceramic mats that meet all specific requirements: provide good thermal insulation, are non-flammable, airtight and adapted for long-term operation in high temperatures.