Industrial furnaces and dryers

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We offer a range variety of furnaces – electric stationary and tilting melting furnaces, fuel stationary and tilting melting furnaces, horizontal, deep or trolley chamber furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, as well as several types of chamber dryers and hardening stations.

Heat treatment furnaces
Our metal heat treatment furnaces are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship in accordance with safety standards. These products are designed to serve our customers in different conditions to improve, simplify and speed it up. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly and designed according to the customer’s specifications to meet even the highest expectations.

Foundry furnaces – NORGPOL offer
Industrial foundry furnaces are used for aluminium, bronze, brass and other alloys and metals. Their task is not only melting, but also keeping metals, heating them and fully understood heat treatment. Norgpol foundry furnaces are designed with the latest technological advances and made of the best, safest materials.

Hardening furnaces – NORGPOL offer
The hardening furnace is an essential part of the equipment of mechanical, craft, foundry or forge plants. In our offer you will find a dozen different types of these devices differing in size and capacity. At NORGPOL we also offer a hardening furnace with a gas-tight retort. If you need more information , please contact us!