Silicon – Silicatherm

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Silicatherm products are made from silicon fibers (SiO2 ~98,9%) of high temperature resistance and mechanical strength. They are found mainly as fabrics, tapes and hoses. Because of their great properties they find application in every branch of industry. AR type fabrics are covered with additional coating increasing their mechanical strength.


  • resistance to continuous use in up to 1000 0C;

  • melting temperature over 1700 0C;

  • high chemical resistance;

  • good electrical insulation;

  • easy to handle;

  • harmless.

Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna1000 °C
Ciężar powierzchniowy1250 g/m2
Grubość1,25 mm
Szerokość900 mm
Wytrzymałość na rozerwanieosnowa1630 N/cm
wątek680 N/cm