Calcium silicate – Silontex

silontex kf95

Silontex KF95 Fabric is made from calcium silicate fibers and produced from texturized and twisted yarn. Texturizing and additional twisting of the threads significantly improves insulation properties and wear resistance. This fabric has very good insulation properties and resistance to most technical liquids, acids and corrosives, but it’s also incombustible. Thanks to the use of new production techniques and KF95 coating, the fabric finds wide application in production of protective clothing, compensators, curtains. It is used where there is a need for thermal resistance and high temperature resistance.

Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna750 °C
Ciężar powierzchniowy1350 g/m2
Grubość3,0 mm
Szerokość1000 mm
Wytrzymałość na rozerwanieosnowa1000 N/cm
wątek300 N/cm