Silontex- calcium silicate

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Silontex products are made from calcium silicate fibers. They are manufactured from texturized and twisted yarn of 6μm filament, which greatly increases their insulation properties and wear resistance. Those materials are incombustible textiles with very good insulation properties characterized by chemical resistance to most technical liquids, acids and corrosives. Calcium silicate products find application in various branches of industry as an insulation material. They satisfy all the health standards.


  • resistance to continuous use in up to 750 0C

  • high wear resistance

  • minimal heat loss and shrinkage

  • good insulation properties

  • low thermal conductivity

  • high resistance to liquid metals

  • very good electrical insulation

  • fraying resistance

  • easily coated and impregnated

  • resistant to fuels, fats, solvents

  • wide range of formats, dimensional stability

Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna750°C
Skład chemicznySiO260 %
CaO23 %
Al2O314 %
MgO, Fe2O3, K2Ośladowe ilości
Wymiary taśmgrubość2 – 4 mm
szerokość10 – 1000 mm
Wymiary sznurówø 3 – 30 mm
Wymiary pakunków5 x 5 mm – 50 x 50 mm
Wymiary wężygrubość ścianki2 – 6 mm
średnicaø 6 – 60 mm