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Ceramic fibers are made from fused oxides of silicon and aluminium in the proces of spinning. Those are white, twisted aluminosilicate fibers with high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and good chemical resistance. Clean fiber cannot be converted to textiles, so organic fibers have to be added to allow spinning. Organic part is approx. 15% and it burns out during first heating. Additionally, textiles are strengthened with fiberglass twine or inconel. They attain great resistance to temperature fluctuations, water, oils, liquid metals and most acids. They are used as thermal insulation in industrial furnaces, dryers, fireplaces, but also cauldrons, pipelines and wires as an insulation.


  • resistance to continuous use in up to 12600C;

  • good insulating properties;

  • high mechanical strength;

  • high chemical and thermal resistance;

  • low specific weight and flexibility;

  • resistance to water, oils, fats, liquid metals and most acids;

  • good electrical insulating properties;

  • good acoustic properties;

  • easy to handle;

  • wide range of formats, dimensional stability.

Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna1260 °C
Temperatura topienia1800 °C
Gęstość500 kg/m3
Wymiary taśmgrubość2 – 10 mm
szerokość10 – 1000 mm
Wymiary sznurówø 3 – 60 mm
Wymiary pakunków6 x 6 – 60 x 60 mm
Wymiary wężygrubość ścianki2 – 5 mm
średnicaø 6 – 80 mm