włókna aramidowe
włókna aramidowe
włókna aramidowe
włókna aramidowe

Aramid tapes, cords, packing ropes, hoses, threads and fabrics are manufactured from pure aramid fibers. All those products are incombustible, infusible and are characterised by excellent resistance to wear and tear. Work temperature shouldn’t exceed 350 0C, but if needed, they can temporarily work in up to 450 0C. Aramid products have very low weight, low contractility and high mechanical strength. Their main use is thermal insulation of every kind of machines and devices, also as thermal curtains, protector elements (hoses, cords). Available also as pneumatic tapes used in transport, offloading and homogenizing dusty and granulate loads, such as: cement, coal dust, lime, dust, slag, gypsum, granules, soda, flour, PVC, AL oxide.


  • resistance to continuous use in up to 350 0C;

  • resistance to temporary use in up to 450 0C

  • very high mechanical strength

  • incombustibility

  • thermal resistance

  • high chemical resistance

  • wide range of formats, dimensional stability

Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna350°C
Wymiary taśmgrubość1 – 7 mm
szerokość10 – 1000 mm
Wymiary sznurówø 3 – 30 mm
Wymiary pakunków5 x 5 – 90 x 90 mm
Wymiary wężygrubość ścianki1– 5 mm
średnicaø 10 – 250 mm