Hakoplan – insulating boards

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Hakoplan are vacuum formed rigid boards and fittings from refractory aluminosilicate fibers with low level of organic binders. They have high temperature shock and chemical resistance. They are very well suited to be used in furnaces’ hot zones, but also as an exterior layer of thermal insulation. Thermal resistance of our insulating boards is, depending on the type: 1260°C, 1430°C, 1600°C.
They are used for high-temperature insulation and thermal units. They are also applicable as universal isolation material in glass, petrochemical, metallurgic, non-ferrous metals or cement industry.


  • resistance to continuous use in up to 12600C, 14300C, 1600°C.

  • low capacity and high thermal insulation

  • suitable for use in hot zones inside furnaces

  • resistance to stretching and compressing

  • high chemical and temperature shock stability

  • high acoustic properties

  • resistance to water, oil, fats, liquid metals, most acids and corrosive effect of wind

  • resistance to wear- high mechanical stability

  • resistance to attrition

  • easy to handle- possibility of trimming at different angles

  • wide choice of formats, uniform density, dimensional stability

Parametry technologiczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna1260°C1430°C1600°C
Ciężar właściwy, gęstość280-320 kg/m3280-320 kg/m3200 kg/m3
Odporność na ściskanie (10% zgniot)0,3 MPa0,4 MPa0,45 MPa
Skurcz po 24h (w temp.)2% (1200°C)2% (1300°C)2% (1300°C)
Przewodność cieplna λ400°C0,09 W/mk0,08 W/mk0,06 W/mk
600°C0,11 W/mk0,10 W/mk0,08 W/mk
800°C0,15 W/mk0,15 W/mk0,11 W/mk
1000°C0,20 W/mk0,18 W/mk0,15 W/mk
1200°C-0,22 W/mk0,18 W/mk
1400°C--0,22 W/mk
Wymiary płyt1000 x 1200 mm
Grubości płyt10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 mm