Ceramic fiber paper


Ceramic fiber papers are made of aluminosilicate fibers mechanically bonded without additional binders. Advanced production proces ensures excellent resistance to temperaturę shocks. They are characterized by extremely low thermal conductivity while keeping very high flexibility. Their thermal resistance is 1260 °C. They are applicable in various branches of industry as insulating gaskets, expansion joints, thermal barriers for cars (mufflers, catalysts, heat shields). This paper is also exerted as a non-stick coating, fire protection or classic insulation material.


  • resistance to continuous use in up to 12600C;

  • resistance to temperaturę shocks;

  • incombustibility;

  • high flexibility;

  • low specific weight;

  • tear resistance;

  • high chemical and thermal stability;

  • resistance to water, oil, fats, liquid metals and most acids;

  • good electrical insulating properties;

  • good acoustic properties;

  • easy to handle;

  • wide range of formats, uniform density, dimensional stability.

Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna1260°C
Ciężar właściwy, gęstość200 kg/m3
Punkt topienia1780°C
Wytrzymałość na rozciąganie750 kN/m2
Analiza chemiczna
DIN EN 955-2
min. 48%
min. 51%
Przewodność cieplna λ
przy gęstości 128 kg/m3
300°C0,07 W/mk
400°C0,09 W/mk
500°C0,11 W/mk
600°C0,13 W/mk
800°C0,20 W/mk
Szerokości rolek1000 mm , 1220 mm
Grubość mat1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm