High temperature adhesives

High temperature adhesive based on calcium silicate is used to sticking ceramic materials, calcium silicate boards, insulation materials on steel. It's a mixture of some organic products, which makes it incombustible and it also doesn't emit fumes. It has high pH value and doesn't corrode steel. Adhesive is ready to use after mixing. To gain thicker consistency you should add powdered vermiculite and to gain thinner consistency you should pour calcium silicate board impregnator or water. Before applying adhesive, the surface should be degreased and vacuumed.
Parametry techniczne
Temperatura klasyfikacyjna1000°C
Ciężar właściwyok. 1500 kg/m3
Min. temperatura nakładania5°C
Czas schnięcia8-20h
Analiza chemiczna DIN EN 955-2Al2O38,4%
OpakowaniaKartusze: 32, 45, 80, 150, 310 ml
Wiadra: 5, 15 kg